Art Therapy with Teens


Teen Art Therapy can support teens in exploring their feelings and present conflicts, reflecting upon themselves in order to create self-awareness, observing and managing their behaviors and reactions, improving social skills and navigating relationships, and providing relief to symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, and more. Art Therapy also serves to help teens develop and strengthen a positive sense of self-worth. By addressing these various aspects of teens’ experiences and their lives, Art Therapy helps promote and encourage not only the teens’ ability to function healthily in their own lives, but encourages their overall sense of self and well-being as well.

Art Therapy provides teens with a special opportunity to experience themselves and their therapeutic process beyond the scope of the more “usual” therapy of just talking. Because of this, Art Therapy can be a powerful therapeutic technique to help engage teens in their own treatment process, because of the flexibility, non-judgment, and freedom which the creative process offers. In addition, teens today are growing up in a world with increased pressures to be “perfect” and perform, and with art therapy, there is no pressure to speak when they are not ready or to “perform” and tell the therapist what they believe they are expected to say.

Teen Art Therapy can support a teen in:

  • Regulating their emotions and overcoming grief, loss, bullying, social isolation, trauma, and more

  • Promoting their social, emotional, and cognitive development

  • Becoming more independent, self sufficient, and preparing for college or a career

  • Accepting their body and keeping it healthy

  • Becoming more socially responsible and developing a set of values to guide behavior

  • Learning to get along with friends of both sexes and create healthy, SAFE, and fulfilling relationships

  • Developing an outlook on life based on what is important and is true to his/her values

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