We all have the potential inside of ourselves to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives and to reach our desired goals.

We are all complex, and in life, we each have our own challenges, histories, and patterns to contend with...as well as our unique passions, talents and interests. I understand all of this first hand, and hold you and our work together with care and deep respect for who you are and what your potential is.

From years of experience in my clinical practice working with adults, children, and families, I am continually amazed by the power of the therapeutic relationship and the creative process. Through Art Therapy - a dynamic combination of psychotherapy and artmaking - we work together to help you or your child grow emotionally, build better relationships, and create profound transformation in your life.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and talking about how I can support you.


  • Art can benefit social, emotional, and cognitive development

  • Art-making can help with emotional self-regulation

  • Art can express what cannot be put into words

  • The creative process can help make unconscious material conscious

  • Art work can reveal to you otherwise unrecognized patterns and themes in your life

  • Art can be an extremely powerful vehicle to processing trauma since trauma has been encoded in implicit, sensory memories that are less accessible through language

  • Art work can provide a new perspective

  • Art making can increase self esteem

  • Art can be relaxing, pleasurable, and fun!

  • And more…

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