Art Therapy for Adults

Art psychotherapy is a dynamic combination of traditional psychotherapy and creative expression. Creativity is beneficial at every stage in life, and often words are not enough to overcome the substantial challenges that we are faced with. Creative work facilitated by a trained art therapist can support an adult in overcoming their challenges and gaining the insight and skills that they need to lead their lives more fully and authentically. You do not need to be an artist, the creative process can inspire profound awareness, healing, and growth. All of the work we do together can be applied to your professional work, parenting, relationships, and the other important areas of your life. Whether you have a strong interest in art, have not made art since childhood, or are somewhere in between, art therapy can facilitate healing and inspire change and is not about creating “masterpieces”, although you may be surprised at the beautiful images that you create.

What we can work on together:

Grief and Loss


Depression and Anxiety

Self Acceptance

Relationship Challenges/Divorce

Chronic Illness

Life Transitions

Eating Disorders/Body Image

Addiction Recovery

And More…


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