Child and Teen Individual Art Therapy:

Children and teens have a lot more going on than they can easily express with words. Children naturally express themselves through art and play, and I use both of these in sessions to support them in better identifying, understanding, and expressing their feelings. Art can promote social, emotional, and cognitive growth, and help children to increase their self esteem and navigate challenges that they may face such as divorce, grief, bullying and other social difficulties, as well as identity exploration during adolescence.

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Adult and Senior Individual Art Therapy:

Often times in life, we can feel overwhelmed, depressed, or stuck. You might notice that old patterns are holding you back. We all have parts of ourselves that we fear are unacceptable, and growing up we may have felt ashamed for expressing our vulnerabilities, needs and true feelings. Over time we may have buried or lost connection to those parts of ourselves and maybe even developed a harsh critic who judges them. On top of that, we are faced with a variety of losses, relationship challenges, and perhaps even physical illnesses that are aggravated by the stresses we are under. Together, we will connect to your inner strengths, develop creative ways to grow in the face of these challenges, and create new ways to lead your life more fully.

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Family Art Therapy:

Art therapy is an ideal way for families to discover and develop their strengths and resources to connect more deeply and solve challenges more effectively. Unlike traditional family therapy that relies upon words only, art therapy provides an even playing field so that family members of all ages are given a meaningful voice. The art work itself, as well as the process of creating it as a family, can allow the family to develop new strategies to resolve conflicts and strengthen family bonds.

Art Therapy Groups:

Group therapy is a valuable approach to healing as an alternative to individual therapy or in conjunction with it. There are many benefits of using art, a creative process, in the group therapy context. During the group process, group members develop a support network through each other — no longer feeling isolated by their condition and gaining a greater sense of normalcy. Group art therapy can increase personal insight and mobilize healing, and can also contribute to improvement in one’s social functioning.